I am looking for a part-time teaching job. I have applied for various positions with Sinclair, UD, Wright State, Indiana Weslyan and other schools in the area. I don’t have any formal teaching experience yet, but I have been teaching kids (and teenagers) in our church for years. I’ve led small to larger teams at various jobs over the years, and with my education I’m confident I could be a very good teacher once I find my first opportunity.

I have attached a copy of my resume here, and have a full list of ALL my work experience and education available upon request, as well as personal and professional references. I have re-created my resume (in HTML) below, but I assure you that the PDF version looks MUCH nicer.


A rewarding, challenging position in teaching where I can pass on some of the things I have learned in the web
development field over the years. Throughout my career, I learned and have never lost sight of how important positive
word of mouth, customer service and key affiliations and relationships are for the success of any individual or
organization. I would hope to pass that along as well as the technical aspects of what I have experienced in the field.


October 2005 – Present Design Chemistry
Senior Webologist Dayton, OH
  • New business development, and finding and strengthening relationships with other marketing agencies in Dayton
    area for collaborative work. Also work on estimates and scopes, as well as qualifying potential leads and referrals.
  • Build all websites using valid XHTML and CSS; standards-compliant website design.
  • Further development of PHP and MySQL development skills which were used extensively in several home-grown
    shopping cart solutions, a delivery service tracking application, lead management systems, a survey application
    and complex reporting tools, an integrated calendar and RSVP system, a bid application/calculation, and a host of
    other smaller custom applications for our clients.
  • AJAX and DOM script development used in many of the afore-mentioned applications.
  • Hiring, training and coaching of new employees brought into the firm.
August 2004 – September 2005 Diversified Computer Solutions, Inc.
Senior Web Engineer Dayton, OH
  • Develop sophisticated inventory management system, along with customized shopping cart engine
    which calculates all prices based on advanced algorithm given by client.
  • Continually build admin consoles for clients where maintenance is streamlined, allowing
    administrators to delete multiple items at once, re-sort listings on any given column, and generate a
    spreadsheet of all records in a given database table on demand.
  • Design and program complete site password-protection application allowing customers to easily
    manage members and require login for any page on a web site.
  • Work closely with others to prepare customer instructions, help menus, data dictionaries and other
    technical documentation for custom-built web applications.
February 2001 – September 2005 Perpetual Web Creations
Webmaster / President Miamisburg, OH
  • Designed / programmed total web-based solutions for small to medium-sized businesses in the Dayton, OH and
    surrounding areas.
  • Marketed to businesses in the local area, creating and sending out mass communications, and following up with
    potential clients. Recorded progress, scheduled activities, and documented communication with prospects in
    MySQL database, viewed through custom-built interface.
  • Contract, proposal and quote generation done personally, in addition to sub-contractor agreements when
    needed, as well as managing all the communication flow between clients and PWC representatives.
  • Developed and continued to market user-friendly PHP / MySQL-based calendar solution, Dynamic Calendar.
October 2002 – August 2004 Chisano Marketing Communications
eBusiness Architect Miamisburg, OH
  • Created, maintained and developed sites for clients from beginning to end in the site development
    process (initial planning, design/layout, site architecture, etc.).
  • Programmed every part of complex Lead Management and Inventory Management systems for YSI Inc.
  • Created a number of enhancements and reports for several pre-existing online ordering systems.
  • Responsible for all programming of myDesign, an online art review application used by CMC art
    department and account managers to provide digital ‘proofs’ to clients.
  • Directed sites to incorporate more CSS and heightened coding standards of sites generated by CMC.
  • Built most sites to be valid XHTML and began to use some object-oriented programming in PHP.


University Of Cincinnati (OH) B.B.A., Marketing and Management June 1997
CompTIA I-Net+ Certified Professional August 2004
University of Dayton (OH) M.B.A., Management Information Systems December 2007

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