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Journey through grief

In April 2010, our first daughter Sophie arrived stillborn after 8 months. From the moment my wife went for a routine checkup and they couldn’t find a heartbeat, to all the other events that unfolded over the next 24 hours (including our daughter’s birth), it was by far the most traumatic event of [...]

Gaby’s birthday 2010

This year, we both had the whole day off from work since Gaby’s birthday fell on Memorial Day, and we spent the WHOLE DAY celebrating her wonderfully unique creation. We slept in since we were up late and a little wound up from the evening before at Jeremy & Catherine’s wedding. We headed [...]

How am I doing?

It seems like lots of people are asking me lately how I’m doing, how Gaby and I are “getting along” after losing Sophie. It’s been just over a month since our little girl was born, after already going home to Jesus. This would have been the last week that we were pregnant, putting the finishing [...]
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