Uncommon Marriage by Tony and Lauren Dungy – Look to the Bible as your guidebook and to Christ as the living example for your marriage

In our marriage, we have not “arrived”. We still fight. We still struggle. But more often then not, we return to His word and strive to be better disciples. When we follow His will, we become better people. And that makes us better for one another, and better parents to our girls. What examples of following His will has helped your marriage? Continue reading

2013 Father’s Day Celebration – 3 Things I’ve Learned So Far

I know I still have a LONG way to go before I have any assemblance of parental wisdom. I’m hoping to pick up a few more nuggets of knowledge before our next little one comes along. But so far, here’s three things I’ve learned about being a Dad: Treasure Every Moment, Lead by Example, and Love Your Spouse. Continue reading

Renegade: Your Faith Isn’t Meant to Be Safe by Vince Antonucci

Time and time again, the Bible tells us stories of those that went against the grain and stepped outside of their comfort zone to do something great for the Lord. Those days haven’t passed. Continue reading

One Step Closer to Financial Freedom – No More Car Payment!

Yesterday, after paying a little extra here and there and building up our savings… we were able to pay off the remaning balance, in full – 21 months early! This has been a great vehicle for us, and has proven to be very reliable. We’ve made several cross-country trips in it to Tennessee, Kentucky, and down to Laredo, TX and back a couple years ago. Continue reading

Human Trafficking Around the Super Bowl

Traffickers use the chaos in the respective host city of the Super Bowl to move victims through. I love the Super Bowl, and I’m excited about the upcoming Harbowl. But I will be praying and thinking about the women and children who’s lives are taking a tragic turn this weekend. This kind of thing HAS to stop!! Continue reading

What About Those Who Never Heard About Christ?

by Chad Owen Brand

Human beings as a lot are incurably religious. The problem is that since these 1 same human beings are also infected by sin, they tend not to desire to honor and glorify the true God, who is righteous and holy. Rather, they tend to make gods for themselves that are pleasing to them or that satisfy some sense of what they think a god ought to be. As John Calvin said, the human mind is a factory for idols. Such gods, concocted by the rationale of humans apart from special revelation, are invariably out of touch… Continue reading

A Father First: How My Life Became Bigger Than Basketball by Dwyane Wade

In reading this book, I was again reminded how important the memories are that I create with my daughter. I learned some other ways to encourage and relate to my children, and I look forward to the wonderful journey of fatherhood ahead of me. Continue reading

No Wonder They Call Him The Savior by Max Lucado

I’ve been a Christian most of my life, and like many I sometimes (okay, often) take His salvation for granted. As I got more into the book, there were several great things that Max shared that reminded me of exactly why we call Him the Savior. Continue reading

NFL’s Man of the Year Award

I’m frustrated that the NFL and a good chunk of our society turns a blind eye to infidelity. I remember all the hoopla around Steve McNair’s death. But take a look at how he died? Is it just me? I think the NFL’s Man of the Year award should be renamed to honor someone else… maybe even Emmitt Smith. Continue reading

Praying Circles Around Your Children by Mark Batterson – Praying Through the Bible

I know that we can do many of the right things as parents, but our daughter may still make some bad decisions when she grows up. But we’re always looking for more ways to increase the likelihood of her growing into the beautiful, happy young lady that God wants her to be. Continue reading