Why Work Sucks by Cali Ressler and Jody Thompson

Why is there so much emphasis put on the time clock? Why do we have to “ask permission” to have a dentist appointment in the middle of the day, attend a family function, take a long lunch break, or even take a NAP in the middle of the afternoon if we’re tired? After all… isn’t it really the RESULTS that matter; as long as we’re delivering those, shouldn’t when or where we do them be completely up to us? Continue reading

How to extract songs off your iPod using iTunes

Taken from this blog article that I found and used several months back. It appears to be going buh-bye, so I figured I should grab the instructions and do my own blog post. Here’s the original source: http://www.askstudent.com/general/how-to-extract-songs-off-your-ipod-using-itunes/

Question “How do I extract songs that are on my iPod into my music library on my computer?”

Well, for this problem, we are going to use a software application which you should/would have if using an iPod, the good ol’ iTunes. Below is a simple 4 step process in which we can accomplish our goal.



Having trouble keeping up with all your friends updates on Facebook or Twitter? Want to know what your favorite authors and celebrities are saying without having to visit their site every day? Set up an RSS feed, and never miss an update again! Continue reading

Uncommon by Tony Dungy

What does it take to be Uncommon? Tony has lived that way throughout his life in football, and even more so beyond the gridiron. In his second book, Tony gives all of us some tips for what it takes to be an Uncommon man. Continue reading

Financial Freedom

Last week, we accomplished something that we’ve been chasing since we got married; we paid off the credit card debt!

Sadly, I was VERY foolish with my spending habits back in my single days and brought a small mountain of credit card debt into our marriage. We were enrolled in ‘consumer credit counseling’ and managed to pay off Gaby’s small balances and pay off her car within the first year of our marriage. My high balances were slowly coming down, but we were still over 18 months away from paying it all off through the program.

But last… Continue reading


I have some other profiles out there on other social media sites, but this is the one that I will used exclusively for all my professional contacts. To everyone that already responded with a recommendation today – BIG THANKS! I may still ask a few more of you. You can never have too many recommendations! Continue reading