Christian Faith

I believe that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior, and I believe what He said in the Bible – that He is the only way to heaven.

Do I go to church every week? Yes. But I believe that the church I attend is my brothers and sisters that happen to meet in the same building. Our church is the people – NOT the building.

Have there been times in my life when I deserve the title of “hypocrite”? Absolutely. But like other men and women that have inspired me over the years, I’m continually trying to grow in my faith and ensure I don’t earn that title anymore.

Am I finished in my Walk with God? NOWHERE CLOSE!! And I don’t plan to ever “arrive”. I’m closer to God than I was a year ago, and closer than I was five years ago.

I believe there are FAR, FAR too many people that go to a building on Sundays, sing a few songs, hear a good message, and then leave God at the door. I am by no means perfect, but God and Jesus are part of my daily life and I talk to them and pray to them often.

The Lord has carried me through so many things in my life. I have seen Him work in so many amazing ways over the years. And as my friend Ami said when we were in Arizona in the summer of 2009 “when I get to heaven, I want to be able to look Him in the face and tell him I did my best. I ran as fast as I could, gave all I had, and I left nothing to spare.” I am shooting for that same kind of praise from our heavenly father when that day comes.

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