Uncommon Marriage by Tony and Lauren Dungy – Work as a Team

I think as we get older, this can become more challenging. If you got married later in life, like my wife and I did, you get used to being on your own, and working as a unit of one. And then suddenly, overnight, you are now a unite of two – a family. Sometimes, that transition to working as a team can be tough.

Later this year, we’ll reach year 7 in our marriage. We still haven’t worked everything out, and we continually seek greater teamwork on some issues within our family. But we are fully in sync on the important things in our marriage; God, family values, love and respecting one another and our children, and a mutual commitment to continual self-improvement.

In this book, Tony and Lauren offer some great insights on how we can all work better as a team.

Work as a Team.

  • Consciously think of your spouse as a valued teammate.
  • Make a special effort to learn more about your spouse’s passions and interests.
  • Parent in a way that champions values, models character, and ensures each family member is doing what he or she needs to do that day.
  • Seek coaching from trusted family members, friends, or counselors when you feel more like opponents than teammates.
  • Work to accomplish something important together; as you do, you’ll see your marriage growing stronger.
  • Be intentional about noticing and addressing the needs of your spouse and children.
  • Establish household routines to cut down on confusion and stress, but prioritize relationships over structure.
  • Stay connected through date nights and joint activities.
  • Don’t rush into making major decisions.
  • Consistently demonstrate support for your spouse.
  • Cherish every moment with family members.
  • Treat your kids’ sports and other activities as being just as important as anything else on your family calendar.

In what ways do you seek and foster teamwork in your marriage? What’s worked and what hasn’t?

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