Why I’m Going On A Juice Fast

Apple Orange AwesomenessSeveral years ago, a friend that I worked with told me he was doing a juice fast, and brought in a magazine article, from an M.D., that talked about the benefits of fasting. So I tried it a few times, and I tried to do it right. That plan suggested that you eat only fresh fruit and veggies for two days before and after, and then only drink steam-distilled water and 100% pure fruit juice for 3-5 days. Every time I did, I had more energy, and after the caffeine-withdrawal headache passed in the first day or two I felt great!

Flash forward a few years, and I saw an enlightening documentary – “Fat Sick & Nearly Dead“. In this movie, one guy sets out to lose weight and get himself off a number of medications through better nutrition. Along the way, he happens to meet someone else suffering from the same rare skin disease, and the latter half of the movie follows both men on their respective journey. And to see the transformation in each of them at the end of the movie was amazing!

Ever since I saw that movie, I’ve been wanting to do a juice fast. The guys in that movie did it for months, and I’m probably not up for that. And I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to find 100% pure fruit juice in the store… but it’s not easy. But thanks to a recent purchase, that’s no longer a problem for me.

A while back, we bought a NutriBullet, and I have been drinking a NutriBlast every day ever since we got it. But starting TODAY, I’m going to go a few days where I drink ONLY NutriBlasts for a few days. I won’t eat anything, and I’ll just drink the NutriBlasts and water. No coffee and (gasp) no beer for a few days. I’m eager to feel the difference by Friday!

I have started adding my own recipes, and collecting other’s recipes on Pinterest. If you have any good smoothie mixes, let me know!

What have you tried to do in order to lose weight and/or improve your health? What’s worked and what hasn’t?

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