Uncommon Marriage by Tony and Lauren Dungy – Stay in sync spiritually

I thought that this one was going to be tough. From previous relationships I was in, it seemed like I was never in sync with that person. My wife was baptized the year before we were married, and together we grew in our faith throughout our courtship. And we continue to study, learn and grow in our faith – both individually, and together. It is a wonderful blessing to be able to share that drive with my spouse, and to know that we’re both striving to be better children of God. And pass that onto our girls.

Tony and Lauren cited this as the second principle in their book. As they shared their story in the book, it was obvious that here is a couple that places a HIGH value on that, and they’ve lived that out. Here’s some of the notes from the book:

Stay in sync spiritually.
PROVERBS 3: 5-6; MATTHEW 18: 19-20; ROMANS 8: 26-30; JAMES 1: 5

  • Communicate about spiritual matters  — which should be the number one priority of your life.
  • Look for opportunities to study the Bible with your spouse and/ or in a small group.
  • Accept that the time and place where you connect spiritually as a couple may need to change along with the seasons of your marriage.
  • Ask God to give you His infinite wisdom and to make you of one mind as you pray about decisions.
  • Remember that God will answer your prayers in His own timing  — and in ways you might not expect.
  • Continue to pray together in the good times  — that’s often when couples make foolish mistakes.
  • Consider the input and wisdom of others when making decisions.
  • Plug into a church that offers solid biblical preaching and where you feel at home.
  • Seek out an older couple who can model a strong marriage and family life.
  • Be open to the possibility that the Lord is speaking to you through the input of your spouse.
  • Share with each other the lessons you learn as you study the Bible.
  • Don’t resist change when you see God bringing something new into your life.

For us, staying in sync spiritually is practiced by going to church together most every week, reading the Bible and other faith-related books, and continually talking about spiritual matters together. There are some areas where I’m stronger than my spouse, and there are others where I’m still trying to rise to her level. We balance each other out, and continue to push one another to be better.

So – how do YOU stay in sync with your spouse spiritually?

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