One Step Closer to Financial Freedom – No More Car Payment!

Our 2009 Scion xD
Our 2009 Scion xD

Several years ago, I was very irresponsible with my finances. One example was how I was able to justify getting another truck with a higher monthly payment, even though I knew I was about to take a job making less money. I used my credit cards pretty freely, and when I got married, I brought in $20K in debt and a near-$500/month truck payment. I am so grateful that Gaby was able to see past all that, and still say yes.

We went through Financial Peace University at our church in the Spring of ’08, and later that year we decided to trade in BOTH of our vehicles to get one. We were both taking the bus to our respective jobs at the time, so it wasn’t a problem to go down to on vehicle. There were a handful of times where it was “a problem”, but not many in that one year span – until we bought our first car in CASH for $1,200 that is still running like a champ today. And even though we were a ve thousand upside down my truck, our monthly payment for the Scion was still over $100 less per month.

And yesterday, after paying a little extra here and there and building up our savings… we were able to pay off the remaning balance, in full – 21 months early! This has been a great vehicle for us, and has proven to be very reliable. We’ve made several cross-country trips in it to Tennessee, Kentucky, and down to Laredo, TX and back a couple years ago. And oh yeah – all that credit card debt is long gone too.

We are committed to paying off all our debt (besides the house) by Ellie’s 5th birthday. And now, all that’s left are our student loans. And like Dave Ramsey (FPU) talks about, we’re attacking those with gazelle-like intensity now!


  1. Kelli Henry March 17, 2013 at 1:51 pm

    That is awesome Shawn! So proud of you.

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