About Me

Gaby and I on her birthday, back in 2007

I have created this site to interact with the community. I post frequently to my blog, and am continually looking for other things to add to this site. There are four main things that I’m passionate about:

  • Christian Faith – I believe Jesus is our only way to heaven, and I couldn’t survive without my relationship with God
  • Online Marketing – building sites that get results, and developing them in such a way that we are in sync with the clients and deliver a site that will help communicate THEIR message
  • Relationships – learning how to be a better brother, father, husband and encouraging others around me to do the same
  • Human Trafficking – there are 27 millions slaves around the world today, and I’m doing what I can to help re-abolish slavery

Between my quest to be the husband and father I can, the best online marketeer in the area, volunteering at our church and a couple other things, I’m a busy guy. I’ve found the key to happiness (and survival) for me is to be well organized and structured so that I can at least TRY to excel at everything. How well I do or don’t do at that quest is open to debate. But one of these days… I’ll be able to withdraw from everything else and just spend my days w/ God, Gaby, family and friends.

I am committed to continued growth in all those areas through study, constantly looking for input from those wiser than me, and personal reflection. I hope to NEVER stop learning, and continue to strive to be better.

And don’t forget to check out Gaby and I’s site with pictures and other stuff of OUR lives, together: http://www.shaunandgaby.com